Music Creates a Lasting Imprint on Your Heart

Music Creates a Lasting Imprint on Your Heart


You ever wonder why you can sing along to the lyrics of virtually any song you listened to as a teenager, but have a difficult time remembering what you had for breakfast this morning? It’s a phenomenon not lost on Marilyn Schwartz, the co-founder of Kids’ MusicRound. “Isn’t it fantastic?” she said. “That’s what made an imprint on your heart and mind. It will stay with you forever. It’s a feeling and memory you’ll always have.”

A Natural Fit–Holidays, Music and Children

And that’s why around this time of year, Marilyn encourages parents of little kids to do their part in making memories for their children. If holidays equals fun, and music equals memories, putting the two together is a natural fit.

“I remember as a child my mother and I would bake and sing and have lots of fun,” Marilyn said. “I know another family who listens to holiday music and they take turns dancing to the Christmas tree to hang ornaments.” And you can bet infants, toddlers and preschools dancing around the tree will remember it fondly, just like Marilyn remembers those holiday baking sessions of her youth.

Passing it on

“It’s the songs we pass on,” she said. “It just makes you feel so good. It’s almost like comfort food.” Obviously, there’s no singular method to the musical madness, but Marilyn has a few ideas of her own for music and movement activities …“Make a video for their grandparents of the kids singing holiday songs,” she said. “Or have a holiday jam round! Break out those pots and pans!”

In the end, the idea is simple: Use music activities for babies and children to help implant great memories in their minds. This is how traditions get started. “It just makes you feel good to dance, move and experience this with your family,” Marilyn said. “Grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers, it doesn’t matter: Just have a good silly time together and do it with music.”