How it works

Opening a Kids’ MusicRound Center is a decision that can change your life for the better.  Inspire and educate young children and families while making your own hours and working in your community.

General Requirements

Individuals holding teaching positions with KMR must be personally engaging, friendly, with exceptional energy and good communication skills. It is important that they are able to work independently and willing to go the extra mile to provide a positive experience.

A music degree is not required, but singing in tune and keeping accurate beat is a necessity. A simple audition is required. Teachers who are strong vocally and lead with enthusiasm may be able to instruct a class without playing an instrument. Experience teaching or working with children is helpful.

Financial Requirements

Starting your own music business with KMR is simple and affordable. However, licensees should have sufficient financial capacity to effectively operate and market their centers.

Teacher Training

Individuals teaching Kids’ MusicRound must successfully complete our Intensive Teacher Training.

License a KMR Business

Kids’ MusicRound business licensing makes it easy to become a music teacher and operate your own music center. Just follow the three simple steps below and get the process started.

Step 1 – Review General Requirements

Review the general personal requirements of a dynamic KMR teacher. We have identified these traits as key characteristics in our successful licensees. Review your finances. Kids’ MusicRound is affordable to start up, but it also takes capital to maintain the operation expenses. Licensee application acceptance is not automatic.

Step 2 – Complete Business License Application

Complete our licensee application and submit with corresponding fee. A comprehensive demographic study is done upon receipt of your application. The complete review process may take up to three weeks. Upon approval you will be required to sign and submit a license agreement with corresponding fee. At this time you will receive our start-up guide to assist you in planning the opening of your center.

Step 3 – Attend Intensive Teacher Training

Successful completion of the Intensive Teacher Training is required of all teachers.

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