Music Learning – Virtual?

Music Learning – Virtual?

At first, I was very skeptical and uncertain about teaching virtual music classes.  If ever there was a moment to adapt to the times it was this past spring with the onset of the coronavirus.

A new way

We were all thrust into a new way of educating and learning, adapting with no notice. With music being omitted from many educational curriculums this fall, virtual learning becomes even more important. Children are still the most musical at birth. Early childhood musical exposure sets the stage for later successful music-making endeavors. These facts do not change.

It’s a family affair

After virtually teaching both the spring and summer semesters, I am delighted with the participation and enjoy every minute. What does it look like? Siblings are dancing together, lots of laughter, and the clicking of pots, pans, and spoons can be heard! Moms, dads, and let’s not forget the pets, join in the fun! The older siblings are volunteering to sing and chant solo patterns and even parts of songs. This modeling accelerates responses from a younger brother or sister. So much fun!

Will a child always attend to the screen? In Kids’ MusicRound classes, we automatically program in the developmental level of the child. If a child wanders in class or is an active learner, wandering is bound to happen at home. We encourage the adults to participate, relax, and your child will return to you.

Benefits of music

Virtual or not, the benefits of music abound! Music education just for itself is wonderful, and other benefits include:

  • Language development
  • Social development
  • Cognitive development
  • Motor skill development
  • Memory growth
  • Self-expression
  • Music is joyful and brightens the day with smiles

Join us now

Now is the time to try a virtual class while we are waiting to return to the classroom in joyful, musical accord! Contact a local center director for classes near you. You may even find some outside class offerings at some locations.

by: Barbara Lysenko, director and co-founder, Kids’ MusicRound, LLC