Music Activities: Make Popcorn Funtime

Music Activities: Make Popcorn Funtime

Did you know October is National Popcorn Poppin’ Month?  Popcorn isn’t just a healthy snack,  it’s  great for making crafts too.   Why not celebrate the last few days of October by creating your very own popcorn kernel rain stick?   Many countries and ethnic groups believed that if they shook bamboo type hollow sticks with seeds inside of them it would help bring rain to their crops.

Kids’ MusicRound uses the child’s version of a natural rainstick.  They are clear plastic cylinders filled with tiny, colorful beads, which fall down through an interior maze when the rainmaker is turned upside down.  The falling beads create a sound like rain.

You can make your own rainstick by following these simple directions.

Popcorn Rainstick



Materials Needed:

Empty potato chip can (like Pringles)
popcorn kernels
construction paper

masking tape

crayons, makers and stickers to decorate
scraps of material



1.  Cover  and glue empty popcorn can tube with colored construction paper and let dry.
2.  Add popcorn kernels to tube (About a tablespoon full).
3. Secure the plastic cap with masking tape.
4.  Hold tube in the middle and shake or turn to make the “rain noise”.

Take your special rainmaker and shake and quickly for more of a percussive rhythm or turn it over slowly to sound like a waterfall.  Have fun with all of the different sounds you will create.