Let Kids Improv with Music Play

Let Kids Improv with Music Play

Have you ever noticed that the simplest item in your house can become the most amazing toy for music play?  Wrapping paper can be crinkled, torn, and turned into confetti. Paper cups can turn into drums, balls, and hats. Even a simple cardboard box can become a rocket ship or hiding place! This creativity is the basis for improvisation.

Music Play is Creative

In our parent-child music classes, we use traditional and non-traditional instruments to foster creativity and music play. When children use a clatterpillar as a piano (see image above) or turn sticks into train wheels, they are actually improvising!

As adults, we sometimes feel pressure to do things “correctly” and we need a little permission to play in a new way. Let’s take a cue from our little ones and be as silly as we can with our instruments and toys. Not only is it more fun that way, it’s also helping our children develop musically and creatively!

Kimberly Zenyuch
Kids’ MusicRound Master Teacher/Trainer