Hello, just want to say hello…

Hello, just want to say hello…


Since I’m going to be taking over the blog for Kids’ MusicRound, I thought the best thing to do is introduce myself.

I’m a teacher for Kids’ MusicRound.  I’ve taught for co-founder Marilyn Schwartz for the past two years and am now happy to be working with co-founder Barbara Lysenko, in NJ as well.  I’m also completing training to become a teacher trainer.  This is an intense process, but, so interesting and educational for us trainer trainees!  I love this because it refreshes what I learned in training and I’ve even learned new things that I missed before!

I’m first and foremost a performer.  My degree (from the Stone Age) is in Opera Performance which I abandoned soon after graduation to pursue my passion, Musical Theatre.  I lived and worked in and out of NYC for many years and loved every minute of it.  I enjoyed the audition process, then the performing and the travel that the job often required.

Many years of this takes its toll, especially after marriage, relocation, and children.  I decided I wasn’t an eight show a week person anymore when I had to listen to my daughter’s voice recitals over cell phone in my dressing room.  This is when you decide it’s time for Plan B.

I knew it had to be in music and/or theatre, but I had never considered teaching!  Especially music classes for babies.   A close friend had become involved in early childhood music education and through her I became interested in making my own music with children!

I knew Marilyn had a huge presence in my area and called her to become involved in Kids’ MusicRound.  I had no idea how much I would love my mommy and me classes!  I know the importance of providing music and movement classes for babies.   It is so wonderful to watch them grow (physically and musically) and know you have a part in establishing in them the love of music!

The research that has and continues to go into our curriculum is fascinating.  I learn more every day and am always eager to share this with my families.

I’m so excited to be writing this blog and to be sharing things I learn and experiences I have.  Hope you enjoy!