Playful Children with Playful Adults


Playful Children

Ah, play in the lives of children is simple and spontaneous! It teaches them so much about life, sharing with others, language acquisition and interacting with people and with their surroundings to name a few.  Each playful scene is like a mini science experiment. I love watching the children in our Kids’ MusicRound classes trying different instruments and deciding on the best way to make music.

Playful Adults

There is one more very important component in our classroom environment. The world of play is now open for adults to enjoy. Kim Zenyuch, mom and educator, who took several semesters of Kids’ MusicRound with her son, took a break in packing for a recent relocation and sent this video of her three-year-old son playing “Jack-in-the-Box” while she sings “Pop, Goes the Box!” This is what Kim writes: “Thanks for teaching me how to play. Moving boxes are the best toys! 


Our classes make it easy for the adult to become a two-year-old one more time. Where else can that happen?  Watching adults smiling while rolling balls, tapping egg shakers, wiggling fingers and feeling comfortable being silly is the best role modeling for their child. I have explained to the parents in our classes children catch the joy of music by watching you, the most important person in their young life!

Create a Lasting Love of Music

We just can’t wait to make music with you and your little one.  Come play with us and share in this precious musical journey with your child. Stimulating musical intelligence and fostering a lasting love of music in your child’s heart begins with you and the pure enjoyment of musical play!


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