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Barbara Lysenko


Tuition Details Includes one CD and login to our KMR Family Online portal for a download of our music.

1st ChildFamily tuition - $90.00. All classes 40 - 45 minutes. Virtual - 6 weeks, possible outdoor classes if weather is nice.
Additional SiblingsFree
Infant SiblingsFree

All classes are 40 - 45 minutes. Virtual - 6 weeks, with the possibility of outdoor classes if the weather is nice. Includes one CD (distribution TBA) and music and songbook downloads.

Winter 2021 Class Schedule

The winter semester begins January 25, scroll down for the virtual schedule. Our hope is that while this semester is virtual that on good weather days we may hold classes outdoors in person! 

  6-Week Winter Session: $90.00. 

  Winter Calendar, click HERE

  With so many schools omitting music from their curriculum right now, providing your child with the right early music experience is so important. The benefits of music are immense including a boost to language development, fine and gross motor development, brain stimulation, and social interaction to name a few. 

  Take this time to bond with your child. The important adults in a child’s life communicate so much just by joyful modeling. A child’s inner musicality comes to life in early childhood! It really is a special moment in the life of your little one, and one not to miss!

Registration details below:

Interactive Virtual* (6 weeks): classes held weekly with scheduled Zoom classes. These classes are open to unlimited attendance. CDs mailed directly to your home upon request, or the music and songbook are available as downloads. $90.00. Home Participation . 

*Classes will be held outside if the weather is sunny, with no precipitation, and at least 50 degrees.


Music creates smiles that are very contagious in a very good way! Let your smiles shine through making music in a Kids’ MusicRound class.                                                                                       

- Virtual Class Guidelines

Tuition - If you need help with tuition assistance, please call the office.

Enjoy class with a friend or relative from a distance. Since classes are online, this makes it possible!

Need instruments for the home? It is always fun to gather items around the house, but sometimes the real thing is just fun. Click the link to purchase our Instrument at Home Package.  

Kids' MusicRound received the 2015 CREATIVE PLAY OF THE YEAR award in the Music category from Creative Child Magazine and Best of Philly Award 2008.

Pennington: Pennington – Virtual Classes

Class Day Time Start Date Teacher Child 1 Child 2 Child 3
MusicRound® (Newborn - 5) Monday 09:30AM Jan 25, 2021 Golden, Kelly
MusicRound® (Newborn - 5) Monday 10:30AM Jan 25, 2021 Golden, Kelly
BabyRound (Newborn - 8 Months) Monday 12:30PM Jan 25, 2021 Golden, Kelly
MusicRound® (Newborn - 5) Monday 01:30PM Jan 25, 2021 Golden, Kelly
MusicRound® (Newborn - 5) Tuesday 10:15AM Jan 26, 2021 Lysenko, Barbara
MusicRound® (Newborn - 5) Wednesday 09:30AM Jan 27, 2021 Lysenko, Barbara
MusicRound® (Newborn - 5) Wednesday 10:30AM Jan 27, 2021 Lysenko, Barbara