Lemmons, Tonya

Tonya Lemmons has been a part of the early childhood music community in Park Hill and Congress Park for 14 years. Her first exposure to early childhood music and movement was as a mom taking classes with her youngest daughter. Soon after, she became a registered music teacher with a national company. In addition, she has taught early childhood music in pre-schools and in other early childhood educational settings. Tonya is playful, creative and can take a musical activity and make it magical.

In addition to music, Tonya has a passion for children’s literature and has worked as an educational bookseller at The Bookies, Denver’s premier children’s independent bookstore, for 11 years. She has a B.A. in English from U.C.L.A. and worked for several years in the program, Ready to Succeed, an early childhood outreach program housed at the Hope Center in Denver. This outreach program had a strong literacy component. Tonya made home visits to low income families helping young moms to prepare their preschoolers for kindergarten.

Tonya has a heart for children and a gift for creating a musical community that extends beyond the classroom experience. She is excited to share the joy of Kids’ MusicRound with families!