Jamison, Jeanelle

Jeanelle has always had a love of music and grew up with a very musical father who always encouraged her to perform, play and be inspired.  He taught her a few chords on the guitar and she began singing at open mikes and writing her own songs.   Music has always been a huge part of her life and she is so excited to share the joy and power of music with children.   Jeanelle and her husband often sing and play guitar together and now, most often, to their three little children.

Jeanelle has a BS degree from Montclair State University in Recreation Therapy and has spent much of her life working with the elderly.  One thing that she found brought the most joy to her residents, no matter the severity of their disability, was music.  Another big part of Jeanelle’s life is sports and exercise.  She works part time as a field hockey umpire and tries to be as active as she possibly can.  She hopes to bring this energy to her classes and families.

Jeanelle has experienced KMR classes with her daughter and absolutely loved them.   She is excited to begin teaching Kids’ Music Round classes and sharing music with children and their families.